Direct Democracy Festival, September 6-8 in Thessaloniki


Close after our conference this weekend the annual “Direct Democracy Festival” will take place in Thessaloniki! We encourage anyone who have the possibility to take part! Below you find the full program.

Facebook event for the festival

Political / Cultural Programme of the Direct Democracy Festival 2017 (September 6-7-8 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – AUTh)


Wednesday 6/9

19:00 / Documentary: ”Greek underground songs, Bill Mousoulis. Will be followed by discussion with the director

20:30 / Topic: ”The commons and the struggles to defend them”

Alexandros Kioupkiolis (professor at AUTh, writer): The state and the commons of self-organisation: two conflicting concepts

Giorgos Papachristodoulou (Babilonia Journal): The fronts of the water as commons

Panayiotis Bochotis (accused in the Karatza case)

Elli Damaskou (Struggle Committee of Megali Panagia)

Niki Dimitriadi (Direct Democracy Festival)

23:00 / Concert   

Pseudoprofites, Lostre Community, Monimos Katoikos, Technotomy (Part 1)


Thursday 7/9

18:00 / Ping pong tournament

19:00 / Documentary:  Dreaming of life, Morteza Jafari. Will be followed by discussion with the director

20:00 / Topic: ”The West in crisis, nationalism in use”

Philimonas Patsakis (writer, Babilonia Journal), Changing the authoritarian paradigm and the movements

Dimitris Rousopoulos (writer), The Resistance to Trump

Konstantinos Savopoulos (Direct Democracy Festival)

22:00 / Flamenco Performance, Eleni Germani and Sophia Kiorpe

23:00 / Concert

Radio Clash, The Accuracy, Chupacavlas, Technotomy (Part 2)


Friday 8/9

18:00 / Ping pong tournament

19:00 / Documentary: «Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair”, Angélique Kourounis. Will be followed by discussion with the production crew members, Loukas Stamellos and @ypopto_mousi

19:30 / Theatrical performance: ”The girl called Thursday”, by the theatre group “Apo ton Pempto sticho kiolas Faltsoi”

20:00 / Topic: “Communalism and communities in the contemporary revolutionary demands”

Daniel Chodorkoff (Co-founder of the Institute for Social Ecology, Marshfield)

Democratic Confederalism: the legacy of Murray Bookchin

Havin Guneser (Women’s rights and Kurdish rights advocate, Hamburg) From Communalism to Democratic Confederalism : Concepts and Implementations

Grigoris Tsilimantos (Direct Democracy Festival)

23:00 / Concert

Revma 102, Gulag, Lost Bodies, Million Hollers


Photography Exhibition: During the three days of the Festival, a photography exhibition with the title “Lonelinesss” will be presented by the photography group jpeg of Mikropolis at the location of the Festival.

Thessaloniki International Fair (DETH) Demonstration: Saturday 9/9, at 17:00, Meeting point: Arch of Galerius (Kamara)


August 30, 2017

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