Program of TRISE’s 2019 Conference

Image courtesy of James McKay

Conference theme: Power to destroy, power to create: building a culture of resistance – towards radical social change

Date: 25 – 27 October 2019

Location: Athens’ Culture Center (Akadimias 50), Greece

Friday 25/10

10:00 Welcoming greetings and introductory statements: Dimitrios Roussopoulos (Montreal) TRISE Chair and Svante Malmström (Oulu) TRISE General Secretary
10:30 Keynote: Ines Morales (Athens) & Joris Leverink (Istanbul)
12:00 Break
12:10 Social Ecology and Political Theory 
  • Giorgos Papahristodoulou – The significance of the city for social ecology
  • Nikos Ioannou – Ecology and Democracy in the 21st century
  • Emet Değirmenci – Capitalism and the Anthropocene
  • Olli Tammilehto – Thinking about ecological economy on the basis of movement experiences
13:30 Lunch
15:30 Experiencing New Practices of Resistance 1
  • Krini Kafiris – Reflections on a sustainable organising training: potentials for Greek activism
  • Vangelis Gkagkelis – Exploring cooperative ecosystems of sustainable development. The importance and boundaries of social networks in the alternative economic and political places in Greece
  • Georgios Daremas – Building cultures of resistance through Solidarity Initiatives in the era of Greek crisis
16:30 Break
16:40 Keynote: Tanya Valiente (Wendland): Breaking military siege, amplifying autonomous territory: Current steps in the Zapatista struggle
17:30 Break
17:40 Learning from the Experiences in Chiapas and Rojava 1
  • Iman Ganji – “Either … or…”: The Indigenous non-Dialectics
  • Fabiana Cioni – Jinwar, the Place of Women as a Revolutionary Practice
  • Leo Jubault – Offensive Autonomy: Autonomy and Destitution in Chiapas and Rojava
18:40 Break
18:50 – 20:30

Book launch

Presentation of new books related to Social Ecology. Titles included: “Social Ecology and the Right to the City” (Black Rose Books); “Enlightenment and Ecology – the legacy of Murray Bookchin” (Black Rose Books), “Direct Democracy: Context, Society, Individuality” (Durty Books Publishing House). Other publishers and authors are invited to make brief presentations, and should inform Dimitrios Roussopoulos at dr[a] about their desire.

Saturday 26/10

10:30 Keynote: Laura Roth (Barcelona)
11:20 Break
11:30 Theory and Practices of Municipalism 1
  • Andro Rilović – The importance of uniting degrowth and social ecology: the case of the municipalist citizen platform ‘Zagreb je NAŠ!’ (‘Zagreb is OURS!’)
  • Dimitri Roussopoulos – Radical Municipalism – a growing socio-political trend
  • David Hamou – Lessons from Barcelona: Municipalism and the radical transformation of local institutions
12:30 Break
12:40 Theory and Practices of Municipalism 2
  • Markus Lundström – Tensions of Municipalism: A Historical Sketch of the Anarchism-Democracy Divide
  • The Maloxx project – Livorno and its Surrounding World: Municipalism and self-determination of territories
  • Eve Olney – Cultivating a Culture of Resistance through Collective Design
13:40 Lunch
15:30 Towards a New Culture of Resistance
  • Timon Krause – How activists can confront in-group biases (working title)
  • Federico Venturini – Building a culture of resistance for the struggles to come
  • Yavor Tarinski – The Interconnectedness of Ecology and Democracy: Towards a strategy “from below”
  • Orestis Varkarolis and Daniel King – Title TBN
16:50 Break
17:00 Learning from the Experiences in Chiapas and Rojava 2
  • Ebad Rouhi – The Social Contract of Rojava as a New Approach to Domestic and International Rule of Law
  • Alex Konstantopoulos – The law of the Zapatista
  • Recep Akgün – The Democratic Autonomy Project: The Promises and Limitations in the Case of Turkey
  • Marisa Cornejo – Drawing My Dreams, from State Terrorism in Chile to Exercising the Revolutionary Law of Women: A Talk with Images
18:20 Break
18:30 – 20:00 Keynote: The Internationalist Commune of Rojava

Sunday 27/10

11:00 Keynote: Dilar Dirik (Cambridge)
11:50 Break
12:00 Experiencing New Practices of Resistance 2
  • Jelena Pantel – Stability and resistance to invasion in ecological networks – what can we learn from natural community and ecosystem structure that can help build stable autonomous communities?
  • Giovanni Lupieri – The Movimento Studentesco di Udine, from school to the entire society: network, libertarian practices and social center
  • Elliott Woodhouse – The National Food Service: using the principles of social ecology to challenge social isolation, food waste and food poverty in the North of England
  • Matyáš Křížkovský – Antipolitics, Political Ecology, and the Climate Justice Movement: Ecology with a human face?
13:20 Lunch
15:30 Between Education and Revolution
  • Matt York – Title TBN
  • The Korov’ev Collective – Love, Art and Revolution
  • Marcy Isabella – Watching Out and Getting Woke: Notes Towards an AnarchoCritical Pedagogy
  • Peter Piperkov – How democratization and radicalization of economic education and knowledge can help us build a culture of resistance?
16:50 Break
16:30 Experiencing New Practices of Resistance 3
  • Nikola Blaschke – Understanding the emergence and role of the Food Sovereignty movement as a counter-discourse by conducting a Foucauldian discourse analysis
  • Felix Navarrete – Title TBN
  • Yuliya Moskvina – The power to create and the political resistance to creation
17:30 Break
17:40 – 18:30 Keynote: Brian Tokar (Vermont): Climate Justice and the Politics of Resistance
20:00 – Celebration

*Image Credit: James McKay

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