Changing Lives

  Written by Eliana Kanaveli This article was presented at the conversation with title: “Changing Lives: Experiential Approaches to the Lives of Trans Subjects” which had taken place at B-Fest (International, anti-authoritarian festival of Babylonia magazine in Athens, School of Fine Arts, at 22-28 of May).   As the lives of all or most of us […]

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February 14, 2018


Kropotkin and Climate Change

Written by Mike Davis. Excerpts from Davis’ article The Coming Desert: Kropotkin, Mars and the Pulse of Asia (originally published in New Left Review 97, January-February 2016) Anthropogenic climate change is usually portrayed as a recent discovery, with a genealogy that extends no further backwards than Charles Keeling sampling atmospheric gases from his station near […]

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January 4, 2018

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We Need to Stand Against “Green” Capitalism

  An interview with Dimitri Roussopoulos, co-founder of TRISE and Black Rose Books, by Thodoris Antonopoulos from the Greek journal Lifo. Translated from Greek for TRISE’s website. I had prepared another question for the beginning, but the latest developments changed my mind… after the recent “superstorms” Harvey and Irma, combined with the accelerating melting of […]

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December 17, 2017

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Rebuttal to Ecology or Catastrophe Review

  Written by Duncan Rayside The review of ‘Ecology or Catastrophe, the Life of Murray Bookchin’ by Janet Biehl, written by Eleanor Finley and Frederico Venturini and published in Anarchist Studies, vol. 25 is, to my mind, a direct attack on the author’s scholarship and integrity. I offer this rebuttal in defense and clarification and with […]

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Why “Warning to Humanity” Gets the Socio-Ecological Crisis (and its Solutions) Wrong

Written by Salvatore De Rosa and Jevgeniy Bluwstein. First published at Entitle Blog in November 2017. The “Warning to Humanity” signed by more than 15.000 scientists calls for action to save the planet proposing elitist environmentalism and missing the real target. Instead, scientists should analyse the roots of the socio-ecological crisis and join the grassroots struggles […]

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November 24, 2017


Towards Free Public Transport

Written by Judith Dellheim and Jason Prince. This excerpt is part of the book “Free Public Transport: And Why We Don’t Pay to Ride Elevators” (Black Rose Books, 2017). With rising costs of housing in cities around the world, increased levels of household debt, skyrocketing costs in education and medical care, all spiraling out of […]

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November 18, 2017

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