The Right to the City and Social Ecology – Towards Ecological and Democratic Cities

Conference, Thessaloniki, September 1-3, 2017


The TRANSNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL ECOLOGY (TRISE) is glad to announce its fourth conference! The program will span from Friday to Sunday and consists of a broad range of seminars, workshops, paper presentations and round-table discussions. Our ambition is to provide a moment for reflecting together on the current situation in Europe, in a fruitful conversation between theories and practices.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Brian Morris (anthropologist and author, London)
  • Havin Guneser (women’s rights and Kurdish rights advocate, Hamburg)
  • Magali Fricaudet (UCLG commission on participatory democracy, Barcelona)
  • Theo Karyotis (independent researcher, translator and social activist, Thessaloniki)
  • Daniel Chodorkoff (cofounder of the Institute for Social Ecology, Marshfield).
  • Emet Değirmenci (independent researcher in Women and Ecology, Istanbul)

Cities today are increasingly at the forefront of the environmental and social crisis. They represent both one of the major causes of the aggravation of these crises, but also a potential solution to them. All over Europe we now see a new wave of urban social movements arising: movements fighting hostile immigration policies, misogynistic culture, ecological devastation, and social exclusion – movements building economic, social, and political alternatives based on solidarity, equality and participation.

During this TRISE conference we want to address the dire need to re-build our cities and urban environments –from their physical structures to their social and political realities. In the framework of Social Ecology we want to discuss the prospects and characteristics of radical urban movements of today; examine the revolutionary potential in the mobilizing concept of “the right to the city”; and look at how activist/scholars, and movements across Europe can work together towards an ecological and democratic future.



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