What we do


As a transnational network of intellectual activists TRISE work across the entire Urban Question concerned with both ecology and the development of urbanization. Our activities are focused on research, education and training.


Forwarding Social Ecology in Theory and Practice

TRISE aims to foster and further a social ecological analysis and practice. We initiate, support and facilitate research on social ecology, urban social movements, the democratization of society and other subjects related to our mission.


Organizing Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

TRISE continuously organize seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops and courses on a broad range of themes and topics related to our mission.


Working with Social Movements and Municipalist platforms

TRISE is calling for partnership with civil society, as a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. We aim to work in close collaboration with current social movements and municipalist platforms, seeking out the practical application of social ecology on the ground.


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