How TRISE was started


When the United Nations declared at the turn of this century that for the first time in human history the majority of people now live in cities and towns and that urbanization seems irreversible, the relevance of social ecology became even more evident.

Our challenge is to recognize that cities must become ecological cities, and in order to move toward this goal, cities must become participatory democracies.

In August 2011 a communicating network of social ecologists in Europe started to discuss the desirability of founding a Transnational Institute of Social Ecology (TRISE).

There was at the moment no European center that brought together on a regular basis those persons, both organizations and individuals, who seek a better understanding of social ecology and its application in the world of socio-political transformation. The absence of such a center made it difficult to see continuity and applied social ecology.

TRISE therefore seek to assure an ongoing exploration of the full philosophical and political contribution of Murray Bookchin as well as other major thinkers and practitioners that can enhance our collective understanding of the rise, impact and future of cities and towns.

Greece has undergone and continues to undergo a shock therapy imposed from above, and by focusing our initial efforts to Greece we aim to establish a firm footing in the midst of the European urban struggles.

It is our purpose to insure through educational activities, research, translation and publications, and most importantly by the practical application of social ecology on the ground, that a continuity of social ecological theory and practice exists in the urbanized world.

In doing so we are aware of the fundamental need to define anew a harmonized relationship between town and country, as we work to stop society’s war on the natural environment.


June 12, 2015

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