TRISE at the World Social Forum in Montreal

TRISE is at place at the World Social Forum in Montreal 9th -14th August!

Together with our close comrades Black Rose Books and the Institute for Social Ecology we help to organize a whole set of workshops from the 10th -13th (Wednesday to Saturday).

Below you find a list of links to the different workshops. A poster, with all the dates and locations for the workshops, you find here.

Murray Bookchin and an Open Letter to the Environmental Movement, (English) with author Janet Biehl. Chair: Ceci Portillo.

Five Contradictions of Globalization and the Alternative, (English) (Facebook event) with French economist and author Gustave Massiah.

The Milton Parc Story (Bilingual) – confronting speculators and creating co-operative neighbourhoods. Lucia Kowaluk, Dimitri Roussopoulos & Alanna Dow.

A film on the Rojava Revolution in Kurdistan: ‘ROZA – Between Two Rivers’ (English)

Bilan et perspectives de la gauche municipale au Québec. (Français) Avec Dimitri Roussopoulos entre autres.

Participatory Democracy and Social Ecology. (English) Dan Chodorkoff, Brian Tokar. Chair: Ceci Portillo.

Political Ecology – Beyond Environmentalism: Book Launch (Bilingual) With the author: Dimitri Roussopoulos. Chair: Nathan McDonnell.

Social Ecology Picnic. (Bilingual) With Brian Tokar, Dan Chodorkoff, Dimitri Roussopoulos. Chaired by: Ceci Portillo+Nathan McDonnell.

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