Free Public Transport: Perspectives and Implementation


TRISE and the Greek anti-authoritarian journal Babylonia are organizing an event in the city of Athens, Greece, with title: “Free Public Transport: Perspectives and Implementation”


George Daremas (PhD in Social and Political Theory from Sussex University, member of Citizen Network Irakliou)

Kostas Fotinakis (member of Nature Friends Greece)

Yavor Tarinski (Member of Babylonia and TRISE)

Wednesday 25 of July, 20:00 in the cooperative cafe Perimpanou (G. Hatzidakis 9)

In the event will be presented proposals for the implementation of free public transport, as well as positive examples from cities around Europe where it has already been implemented.  What is the importance of networking and collective resistance? The right of free transport belongs to the sphere of the commons and is part of the general creation of democratic and ecological cities. During the event will be discussed how the very life of a city is dependent on the ecological, but also socio-economic dimention of public transportation.

Free entrance!

July 20, 2018


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