Keynote speakers of our upcoming conference 25-27 October


We are proud to present the keynote speakers of our Conference in Athens 25-27 October 2019.


Dilar Dirik

Dilar Dirik is from northern Kurdistan (Turkey). She is an activist of the Kurdish women’s movement and writes on the Kurdish freedom struggle for an international audience. More specifically, she focuses her research on the intersections of gender and institutions of power such as nationalism, capitalism, as well as the paradigm of Democratic Confederalism. She holds a PhD at the Sociology Department of Cambridge University.


Brian Tokar

Brian Tokar is an activist and author, Lecturer in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont, and a board member of 350Vermont and the Institute for Social Ecology. He has lectured across the US and internationally on social ecology and the links between environmental and social movements. He is the author of The Green Alternative, Earth for Sale, and Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change. He has edited the books Agriculture and Food in Crisis (with Fred Magdoff), Redesigning Life? and Gene Traders.


Tanya Valiente

Tanya Valiente is a trained sociologist that has worked as human rights observer in Chiapas, Mexico, where she started her own educational project „Balumil“ in cooperation with the autonomous educational system of the Zapatistas. Moreover, she is member of Ya Basta Germany and continuously works in political education projects focused on globalization, global social (in)justice and indigenous resistance.


Internationalist Commune of Rojava

The Internationalist Commune of Rojava is an organizational structure of internationalists in Rojava. Members of the Internationalist Commune are contributing to the revolution in Northern Syria by working within several different institutions of the Democratic self-administration, but also learning   about  the reality of a revolution in the 21st century and the paradigm of the   Kurdish Freedom Movement as a base of it.


Ines Morales Bernardos

Ines Morales Bernardos is forest engineer and later specialized in agroecology and organic farming. She holds a Phd in social science at Institute of Sociology and Peasant Studies (ISEC), University of Córdoba, Spain. In her research she is looking at urban radical movements and their practices of food autonomy with case studies in Madrid, Athens and Lisbon. As an activist she has been involved in several autonomous movements across Europe.


Magali Fricaudet

Magali Fricaudet is the co-President of Aitec, an association working on local alternatives to realize right to housing and right to the city, located in Paris. She has been a member of Barcelona en Comú during the last years and is now bringing support to municipalist processes in the perspective of the next municipal elections to take place in March  2020 in France.


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March 27, 2019

  • Very happy to discover you! I will try to follow your work initially from the website.
    My name is Panagiotis Sakagiannis, originally from Ioannina, Greece, participated in various projects in Thessaloniki 2010-2014. Neurologist, mathematician, now in Cologne, Germany for a PhD in neuroscience.
    Thank you for your efforts. I wish I could participate somehow!

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