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To the people of Barcelona,

We’re living in times of great uncertainty. Across the world, inequalities are deepening, the far right is attacking the foundations of our democracy, and climate change is threatening life itself.

But against this backdrop, you can be proud that Barcelona has become a beacon of hope. Barcelona is proving that we don’t have to be afraid of standing up to corporate power. That there is another way of doing politics that puts people at the centre.

In the face of speculation that displaces our neighbours, Barcelona has stopped thousands of evictions. In the face of thousands of people drowning in the Mediterranean, Barcelona offers itself as a safe harbour. In the face of the existential threat of climate change, Barcelona is reducing its emissions of greenhouse gases.

Barcelona is a global example of a brave, feminist city.

That’s why it’s so necessary to defend Barcelona and Ada Colau’s mayoralty. Because the choice faced by the people of Barcelona on the 26th of May is the same choice we all face around the world: a government for the many or for the few. The right to housing or gentrification. Public water or private profits. Cities for children or cities full of smoke. Riace or Salvini. Feminism or Bolsonaro. The planet or Trump.

It’s our understanding that the results of the elections in Barcelona will determine the opportunity for change beyond your city. Those of us who want a fairer, more democratic, feminist future want and need Ada Colau’s municipalist government to continue four more years.

Now, more than ever, we need global networks of solidarity and hope. That’s why we’re proud and excited to endorse Ada Colau and Barcelona En Comú.

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1 18 en commun Municipalist platform, Paris
2 Aaron Bastani Co-founder of Novara Media, UK
3 Alejandro Bernales MP, Partido Liberal, Frente Amplio, Chile
4 Alex Barcellos Member of the Agência Solano Trindade
5 Alisa Del Re Professor of Political Science, University of Padova
6 Ana Drago MP, LIVRE/Tempo de Avançar, Portugal
7 Ana Falú Professor at the National University of Córdoba (UNC) and Director of the Housing and Habitat Research Institute (INVIHAB)
8 Ana Peraica Member of Get (Association of inhabitants of the old city core), Split, Croatia
9 Andrea Reimer Former city councilor of Vancouver, Canada
10 Andrej Holm Urban sociologist at Humboldt-University Berlin and tenant rights activist
11 Anne-Sophie Olmos Councilor of Grenoble City Council, France
12 Augusto Barrera Former Mayor of Quito and Secretary of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Ecuador, Director de FLASCO
13 Aúrea Carolina MP, Muitas, Brazil
14 Bacqué Marie-Hélène Professor of Urban Studies at the University of Paris Nanterre
15 Bancada Ativista Municipalist platform, São Paulo
16 Beppe Caccia Former councillor and deputy mayor for social affairs, Venice
17 Bertie Russell Research Associate at Sheffield Urban Institute
18 Bill De Blasio Mayor of New York City, USA
19 Bill McKibben Writer and Founder of
20 Boaventura de Sousa Santos Professor of Sociology, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
21 Brad Lander Deputy Leader for Policy, New York City Council, USA
22 Bruno Lamour Former president of Roosevelt France
23 Caio Eduardo Tendolini e Silva Member of Bancada Ativista and #OcupaPolítica, São Paulo, Brasil
24 California Progressive Alliance Political association
25 Camila Rojas MP, Partido Comunes, Frente Amplio, Chile
26 Caren Tepp Councilor of Rosario City Council, Argentina
27 Carlos Ramirez-Rosa Councilor of Chicago City Council, USA
28 Carmen Pérez Co-founder of Womens March
29 Carmen Yulín Cruz Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico
30 Carole Pateman Professor of Political Science, University of California Los Angeles
31 Catalina Pérez MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
32 Cezar Santos Alvarez Economist
33 Chantal Mouffe Professor of Political Theory, University of Westminster
34 Charles Santiago Member of Parliament Malaysia. Chair ASEAN Parlamentarians for Human Rights
35 Charlotte Marchandise Deputy Mayor of Rennes, França
36 Chico Whitaker Founder member of the International Committee of the World Social Forum
37 Chokwe Lumumba Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, USA
38 Cindy Wiesner National Coordinator Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (EE.UU)
39 Clara Marina Brugada Molina Mayor of Iztapalapa
40 Claudia Mix MP, Partido Comunes, Frente Amplio, Chile
41 Clémentine Autain MP of France Insoumise
42 Coumba Touré Coordinator of Africans Rising, Dakar
43 Cris Terribas Member of #LaPartidaFeminista, Brasil
44 Cristina Jimenez Founder and Director of United We Dream, USA
45 Daniel Denvir Presenter of ‘The Dig’, USA
46 Daphne Büllesbach Directora Executiva, European Alternatives
47 David Gabriel Bodinier L’Atelier Populaire d’Urbanisme, Grenoble
48 David Harvey Professor of Anthropology and Geography, CUNY, New York
49 Debbie Bookchin Writer and municipalist, New York City
50 Dendrinos Vasileios Telecommunication engineer member of the Telecommunications Workers Federation of Greece.
51 Didier Fradin Member of La Belle Démocratie, le Collectif, Lilla, França
52 Diego Ibañez MP, Movimiento Autonomista, Frente Amplio, Chile
53 Dilma Rousseff Former President of Brazil
54 Dimitri Rossopoulos Social Ecology Center, Montreal
55 Dimitrios Papadimoulis Vice President of the European Parliament
56 Djamila Ribeiro Philosopher and feminist, Brasil
57 Domenico Lucano Mayor of Riace
58 Douzinas Costas Professor of Law, Birbeck University, London
59 Dr Christine Frison Researcher in Environmental Law, University of Antwerp and University of Antwerp
60 Dr Wes Bellamy Deputy Mayor of Charlottesville, USA
61 Du Pente Member of Muitas, Belo Horizonte, Brasil
62 Eduardo Martinez Councilor of Richmond City Council, California, USA
63 Eleanor Finley Anthropologist and Municipalist
64 Elisabeth Dau Researcher and expert in governance and municipalism
65 Eliška Lindovská Member of Prázdné Domy (Empty Houses), Prague
66 Elsa Faucillon Deputy of Hauts-de-Seine (PCF)
67 Emily Clancy Councilor of Bologna City Council, Italy
68 Emir Sader Political scientist, Brazil
69 Eric Piolle Mayor of Grenoble, France
70 Erminia Maricato Professor of São Paulo University, Minister for Cities in the Lula administration
71 Estela de Carlotto President of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo
72 Etienne Balibar Professor of Philosophy, Kingston University, London
73 Éva Tessza Udvarhelyi Member of A Varos Mindenkie (The City is for All), Budapest
74 EYATH trade union Water workers union, Thessaloniki
75 Femke Roosma Party Leader, GroenLinks Amsterdam
76 Fernanda Melchionna MP, PSOL, Brazil
77 Franco “Bifo” Berardi Philosopher, Bologna, Italy
78 Franco Rotelli President of the Health Committee of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy
79 François Ralle Consular Advisor for French Citizens in Spain
80 Frans Bieckmann Fearless Cities Strategic Advisor, Amsterdam City Council
81 Gabriel Boric MP, Movimiento Autonomista, Frente Amplio, Chile
82 Gabriele Zimmer President of GUE/NGL in European Parliament
83 Gael Yeomans MP, Izquierda Libertaria, Frente Amplio, Chile
84 Gayle McLaughlin Former Mayor of Richmond, California and Director of the California Progressive Alliance
85 Geneviève Brichet Mouvement Utopia, Lyon, France
86 Geoffrey Pleyers Professor of Sociology, Catholic University of Louvain and Vice-President of the International Sociological Association
87 Giorgio Jackson MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
88 Giovanna del Giudice President of the ConfBasaglia Association, Italy
89 Giusi Nicolini Former Mayor of Lampedusa, Greece
90 Godofredo Pereira Professor of Architecture at the Royal College of Art, London
91 Gonzalo Winter MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
92 Gustave Massiah Founder of the World Social Forum
93 Guy Oron Community activist, Seattle, EUA
94 Helen Gym Councilor of Philadelphia City Council, USA
95 Hilary Wainwright Editor of Red Pepper magazine and former Deputy Chief Economic Advisor of the Greater London Council
96 Igor Stokfiszewski Researcher, activist and artist
97 Isabel Lorey Academy of Media Arts, Cologne
98 Isin Engin Professor of Political Science, Open University, UK
99 James Angel Member of Switched On, London
100 Jamie Kelsey-Fry Editor and activist, London
101 Jayati Ghosh Economist and Professor at the University of Nerhu, India
102 Jean Marc Caron Mayor of Loos-en-Goelle, France
103 Jean Wyllys Activist and former MP, Brazil
104 Jilian Johnson Mayor Pro Tempore of Durham North Carolina
105 João Pedro Stedile Economist and Co-Founder of the Landless Workers Movement (MST), Brazil
106 Jonas Staal Artista, New World Summit / New Unions, Rotterdam/Athens
107 Jorge Amat Filmmaker and son of the anti-francoist Victoria Pujolar Amat
108 Jorge Brito MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
109 Jorge Mario Jauregui Architect and Urbanist, Rio de Janeiro
110 Jorge Sharp Mayor of Valparaíso, Chile
111 Juan Ignacio Latorre Senator for Frente Amplio, Chile
112 Juan Monteverde Councilor on Rosario City Council, Argentina
113 Juan Reardon Co-Founder of the Richmond Progressive Alliance
114 Judith Butler Professor of Philosophy, University of California Berkeley
115 Judith Revel Professor of Philosophy, University of Paris Nanterre
116 Kalle Soderberg Member of Allt åt alla, Malmö
117 Laura Roberts Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Queensland
118 Lorena González Councilor, Seattle City Council, USA
119 Lorena Zarate President of the Habitat International Coalition
120 Lorenzo Marsili Co-founder and Director of European Alternatives
121 Louça Francisco Professor of Economics, University of Lisbon
122 Luigi Zoja Psychoanalyst and writer
123 Magali Fricaudet President of AITEC (International association of Experts and Citizens)
124 Magid Magid Former Lord Mayor of Sheffield and candidate in the European Elections
125 Maite Orsini MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
126 Maité Rodríguez Coordinator of the Network for Women and Habitat, Latin America
127 Manuela Bojadzijev Professor of Globalized Cultures, University of Berlin
128 Marcelo Chilvarquer Member of #OcupaPolítica
129 Maria Fernanda Milicich Seibel Lawyer, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
130 María Luisa Cuenca Morales Director of Operatonal Center for Housing and settlements (México)
131 Mariana Belmont Member of #OcupaPolítica
132 Marie-Hélène Bacqué Professor of Urban Studies, University of Paris Nanterre
133 Marin Krpetić Leader of Dobri – Get and President of the Grad District of Split, Croàtia
134 Marisa Matias MEP, Bloco d’Esquerda
135 Matthijs de Bruijne Artist, Amsterdam
136 Maurice Mitchell National Director, Working Families Party
137 Menno Grootveld Writer and activist
138 Michael Hardt Professor of Philosopher and Literature, Duke University, USA
139 Michel Briand Activist in the co-op economy, Bretagne Creative, Brest, France
140 Miguel Crispi MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
141 Miloon Kothari Senior Advisor, MIT Displacement Research Action Network (DRAN) Former UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing
142 Mohamed Mechmache Popular neighbourhoods union, Pas Sans Nous, France
143 Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) Social movement, Brazil
144 Naomi Klein Writer and journalist
145 Natalia Castillo MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
146 Ne davimo Beograd (No deixem que Belgrad s’enfonsi) Municipalist platform, Belgrade, Serbia
147 Nelini Stamp National Organizing Director, Working Families Party
148 Noam Chomsky Philospher and Linguist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
149 Ocupa Política Social movement, Brazil
150 Olivier Petitjean Observatory of Multinationals
151 Owen Jones Writer and journalist
152 Pablo Vidal MP, Revolución Democrática, Frente Amplio, Chile
153 Papakonstantinou Georgio Mechanical Engineer, Vice Secretary of the Workers Union Center of Thessaloniki, Greece
154 PartidA feministA Social movement, Brazil
155 Patrick Braouezec Vice President of the Paris Metropolitan Area
156 Paul Mason Economist and journalist, London
157 Paula Marques Councilor of Lisbon City Council, Portugal
158 Peter Macfadyen Founder of Independents for Frome, UK
159 Pierre Alain Cardona Mouvement Utopia, Marseille, France
160 Rafael Reygadas Robles Gil Professor of Anthropology at the Autonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico City
161 Raquel Rolnik Architect and Urban planner, University of São Paulo
162 Rassemblement Citoyen de la Gauche et des Ecologistes Municipalist platform, Grenoble
163 Razem Political party, Poland
164 Régis Piot Councillor of Aulnay-sous-Bois, France
165 Rena Dourou Governor of Atica, Greece
166 Renata Avila Executive Director of Ciudadanía Inteligente
167 Renata Boulos Institute of International Cooperation for Development, São Paulo
168 Rita Segato Anthopologist and feminist
169 Robert Brenner History Professor at the University of California Los Angeles
170 Robert Pollin Professor of Economics, University of Massachussets Amherst
171 Robin Blackbourn Historian and Former editor of the New Left Review
172 Rocio Lombera Director of Development, Planning and Citizenship, Iztapalapa’s Cityhall
173 Rosemary Bechler Editor of Open Democracy
174 Ross Andrew Professor of Political Science, New York University
175 Rui Tavares LIVRE/Tempo de Avançar, Portugal
176 Rutger Groot Alderman of Amsterdam City Council
177 Ruth Verde Zein Architect, São Paulo, Brazil
178 Samia Bonfim, MP, PSOL, Brazil
179 Sandro Mezzadra Professor of Political Science, University of Bologne
180 Sara Saleri Professor of Philosophy and Communication, University of Bologne
181 Saskia Sassen Sociologist
182 Selekos Dimitrios Teacher, Chair of the SIELBE association, Greece
183 Shalmali Guttal Executive Director, Focus on the Global South, India
184 Sian Berry Councilor in the Greater London Assembly
185 Sigrid Gareis Secretary General of the Akademie der Künste der Welt (World Art Academy), Cologne
186 Silvana Almaraz Reyes Jóvenes ante la Emergencia Nacional, Mexico
187 Sixtine van Outryve Sociologist and municipalist
188 Ska Keller Green spokesperson in the European Parliament
189 Sonia Fayman Sociologist
190 SOSte to Neró Initiative against water privatization, Thessaloniki
191 Srecko Horvat Philosopher, writer and activist
192 Steve Early Member of Richmond (CA) Progressive Alliance and author of Refinery Town: Big Oil, Big Money, and the Remaking of an American City
193 Steve Rushton Journalist, UK
194 Susan George Political Scientist
195 Svante Malmström General Secretary of TRISE – Transnational Institute of Social Ecology
195 Sylvie Ducatteau Councillor of Aubervilliers, France
196 Tariq Ali Historian, UK
197 Tatiana Roque Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
198 Tchenna Maso Lawyer and activist, Brazil
199 Thomas Coutrot Economist
200 Thomas Piketty Professor of economics at the Paris School of Economics
201 Toni Negri Sociologist and philosopher
202 Valery Alzaga Union organizer, UK
203 Vandana Shiva Researcher and ecofeminist
204 Vijay Prashad Director, Tricontinental Institute for Social Research.
205 Vlado Mirosevic MP, Partido Liberal, Frente Amplio, Chile
206 We Brussels Municipalist platform, Brussels
207 Winnie Wong Activist and Founder of People for Bernie
208 Working Families Party Political party, USA
209 Yanis Varoufakis Economist
210 Yiorgos Archontopoulos Water rights activist, SOSte to NERO, Thessaloniki
211 Yves Sintomer Professor of Political Science, University of Paris 8
212 Zagreb je NAŠ! (Zagreb és nostra!) Municipalist platform, Zagreb, Croatia
213 Luigi Demagistris Mayor of Napols, Italy


May 23, 2019

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