Life, Freedom & Ethics: International Conference on Peter Kropotkin

Black Rose Books, in global collaboration with other organizations, scholars, activists, and university departments, organized a conference (5-8 of February) to celebrate Peter Kropotkin’s life and work. This conference commemorated 100 years since his death on February 8th, 1921.

Kropotkin is undoubtedly one of the most important anarchist thinkers to understand the vision, and action, needed for positive transformative change.  His legacy is critically important and needs to be shared so that others can know about his values and what he dedicated his life towards.

As a multi-disciplinary scholar, he argued that the centralized bureaucratic state and capitalism are antithetical to a sustainable and just society.

Below we publish videos from all of the conference’s days and their program:

February 14, 2021

  • This comment comes before seeing any of the videos of which I look forward to finding the time to watch: I am a long time radical anarchist activist having been an early member with Food Not Bombs from 1989 to 1996, with EarthFirst in the redwood summers, at the nuclear test sites twice in Nevada, etc. etc. Now, I have founded and live in a mostly latino eco community in Ecuador ( in 2012, initiated a transition town initiative that lasted only 4 years in our pueblo, Vilcabamba, and currently working on a project started march, 2020 to co-create a network of networks of hopefully millions of groups and projects for regenerative new paradigm with state of the art tools for collaborating and organizing on all scales. In addition produced, wrote, and voice on this 7 minute animation explaining horizontal governing which is much more democratic, effective and efficient, decentralized, by and for the people, and virtually incorruptible with the absence of politicians and lobbyists and extreme transparency and collaboration:

    To make the script I was in touch with poeple in Rojava, Syria and Chiapas, Mexico. And very aware of Murray Bookchins ideas about communalism or municipalism.

    At this juncture we are trying to work out collaborating with any and all who are working on making a network of networks. It is complicated due to interoperability, sovereignty, database sharing, brands, etc. We know its all about collaboration, but we are stuck right at the beginning. The whole process could take all of 2021. We can use all the help we can get. We are currently self-funded, but that will have to change as the whole endeavor is very costly.

    Also, we hope that once we have this gigantic network, we will more easily be able to localize and reinvent cities by experts and experienced people from each of the often more than 70 sectors of a large city corresponding and collaborating with their counterparts throughout the world such that the new paradigm will emerge organically, collaboratively, and autonomously.

    We also hope to make an evergrowing website devoted to relevant innovations to be accessable to members of the network, and are currently building the architecture for this. Anyone interested or who has the IT skills to help can contact us thru the website.

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