TRISE Mission Statement 2021

Social ecology provides an historical and dialectical understanding of the relationship between ecological degradation and the exploitation of human beings. We see the current ecological crisis as rooted in hierarchical social structures. These systems of domination express themselves in specific forms of exclusion and oppression, which include the concentration of economic and political power, sexism, racism and patriarchal structures and behaviors.

In this ongoing crisis, capitalism is undoing the work of natural evolution through the homogenization of society and the destruction of ecosystems. We need to regenerate political structures and institutions of mutualism, cooperation and social solidarity and establish a conscious ecological sensibility.

A reconciliation between human society and nature is essential. Our vision is a society consisting of decentralized human scale communities with political institutions where citizens participate on an egalitarian basis.

To achieve this aim, we do not believe in a reformist party-oriented approach. Instead, we want to re-create a civic sphere and notions of citizenship at the grassroots municipal level. We need to expand direct democracy into all spheres of society and create decision-making structures and processes which allow people to reclaim political power. We recognize that this will take different forms in different parts of the world.

September 3, 2021

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