TRISE 2021 Conference: The Program is Out!





SATURDAY 30th OCTOBER Time zone: CEST / UTC +2

16:00-17:00 Political Practice & Activism Session 1:

Davide Grasso – The Concept of Authority in Bookchin’s Works and Rojava’s Communalism

Azize Cay – Informal hierarchy, organization and activism: insights from the Democratic Autonomy of North East Syria

Georgios Daremas – On Bookchin’s Dialectical Naturalism

17:00-18:00 Political Practice & Activism Session 2:

Heval Tekoşîn – Exploring Certainty in Revolutionary Politics

Thomas Murray – Crack Capitalism or Communalism? Revolutionary strategies after Adorno

Metin Guven – Systemic Cycles of Capital Accumulation and Future of Capitalism

18:00-18:30 Break

18:30-19:30 Libertarian Municipalism Session 1:

Ben Price – Municipalism‘s Escape from the Colonizing Imperatives of Empire in the U.S.

Robert Case & Bill Barrett – Could local environmental activism be a gateway to direct democracy at the municipal level? Reflections from water activism in Wellington County, Ontario

19:30-20:30 Libertarian Municipalism Session 2:

Yavor Tarinski – Bookchin‘s political proposals and ideas on direct democracy, popular assemblies and municipalism

Zaid Nasution – Recallable: Delegates Accountability in Democratic Confederalism

Dimitri Roussopoulos – From Theory to Practice: the movement building of radical municipalism

SUNDAY 31st OCTOBER Time zone: CEST / UTC +2

16:00-17:00 Nature & Ecology Session 1:

Giannis Perperidis – Murray Bookchin and Andrew Feenberg: Searching for Technological Alternatives for the sake of the Environment

Jordan Yanowitz – Los Angeles and the socio-ecological contexts in which it sits: Understanding its continental water system and its colonial origins

Laura Schleifer – Hierarchy’s Hidden Link: How Domination within Human Society and of Nature Stems from the Human Domination of (Other) Animals, and How Free Nature Requires Freeing Animals

17:00-18:00 Nature & Ecology Session 2:

Emet Değirmenci – Misanthropy and Ecofascism: Connection

Johannes Shephard – Nature & Ecology: Covid-19 as an instance of a larger phenomenon of disease

Anita Prakash – Restoring Ecology in Troubled Times:Searching for the Role of Direct Democracy in the Indian context 

18:00-18:30 Break

18:30-19:30 Future Research

Federico Venturini – Reflections towards a militant social ecology research approach

Eve Olney & Krini Kafiris – Radical Institute: Developing Sustainable Social Ecological Praxis

Marle Payva – Rethinking the Notion of Nature in International Law 

19:30-20:30 Book Presentation

Various authors will present the book: Hunt, S. (eds.). 2021, Ecological Solidarity & the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Lexington Books

Various authors will present the book: Wright, D & Hill, S (eds.), 2020, Social Ecology and Education: Transforming Worldviews and Practices. Routledge

Let’s make this year an opportunity to spread even further Bookchin’s ideas and social ecology in our local communities worldwide!

For any information, please contact

#100yearsMurrayBookchin #socialecology



September 9, 2021

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