VIDEOS and BOOKLET from Democracy Education for Ecology and Participation – Training (DEEP-T)

We share some outputs of the week intensive course Democracy Education for Ecology and Participation – Training (DEEP-T) that took place in May 2022 in Italy. It aimed to explore in a collective way the roots of the ecological and climate crisis, and how to deal with them for a just and sustainable future. During this youth exchange a group of young participants (18 to 30 years old) and representatives from six associations critically explored subjects as the EU Green Deal, degrowth and zero waste, agroecology and permaculture, engaged art and participatory decision making.

An innovative approach was utilised, based on three recursive phases, discover (understanding key concepts), engage (engaging and elaborating the discovered concepts), and transform (utilising the acquired tools and concepts to create something). This project represented an example where the formal educational activities blended together with the social experiences of living together, making DEEP-T an example on how to redesign the interaction between humans, environments and the living world in a just, sustainable and imaginative way.

Almost all activities were recorded and put online at:

The following stylish booklet is also a product of the course (you can contact the artist at

Deept Booklet_20_07_2022_compressed (1)

July 29, 2022

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