The problem with capitalist urbanism’s ‘big and tall’ doctrine


Capitalism is driving urban planning and architecture towards building ‘big and tall’, which is an approach that benefits the rich, while making city life worst for everyone else.

Below are three videos that underline the inherent problems of capitalist urbanism’s doctrine. The first one deals with the general problem (and irrationality) of building ‘big and tall’, while the other two examine particular examples of how far this doctrine can go. All three attempt to show the dystopian dimensions of capitalist urbanism that grossly increase inequality and unsustainability. Fortunately, there already are signs of a much needed popular resistance, through well-organized social movements, to challenge this trend and advance a more democratic and ecological urban models. But there is still a lot of work and organizing to be done, as capitalist urbanism is backed by the forces of the Capital-Nation-State complex.



August 24, 2022

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