Conference: Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV

We share with our readers the call for papers of the forthcoming conference Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV, organized by the Network for an Alternative Quest.

Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV:
We want our world back!
Resist, Reclaim and Rebuild
Do Autonomous Education and Organize

IV. Conference: 7―9 April 2023,
University of Hamburg

Call for Papers

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Network for an Alternative Quest, we invite you to contribute to our fourth conference, which will be held between 7–9 April 2023, in Hamburg. The Network for an Alternative Quest was formed to build bridges between the Kurds and different and alternative movements and thoughts in a context as a response to the need of discussing the Kurdish Freedom Movement (KFM) and its relations to other movements and emerging struggles around the world. For this purpose we started organizing conferences that addressed the key ideological and philosophical issues of our times and KFM’s position on it.

Now, our goal evolved into creating a platform where movements, intellectuals, individuals, communities could come together to discuss ideological, philosophical, aesthetic and political issues and learn from each other.

With this fourth conference we want to demand an end to the destruction of our world and nature, and form a call to collectively struggle to stop ecocide, feminicide, societycide, genocide, and epistemicide. Our world has not seen such a pace of destruction before. In the last four hundred years not only are different languages and cultures becoming extinct but everyday numerous plants and animals, too, are becoming extinct. Capitalist modernity and patriarchy have brought us not only to the brink of the destruction of the human society as we know it but also our planet.

However, it is not all hopeless. Women and peoples in Kurdistan as well as all around the world are resisting and building free life wherever and whenever possible. We do not need to search another world elsewhere; we want our world back!

The past three conferences that we have organized brought together intellectuals, activists, students and political and social movements giving us the opportunity to discuss our different ideas. In this fourth conference we want to specifically focus on building ways to exit the road that capitalism put us all in.

Your contribution would enrich our discussions very much — in this long journey of women, the colonized and peoples our words have ever more meaning when they intersect.

We would like to give the opportunity to those interested to contribute to the conference by responding to one of the call for papers we have announced below:

Abstracts: Not more than 300 words. And, should be sent to until 25 January 2023.

The selection process will end on February 5, 2023. The accepted papers then to be sent (not more than 3000 words) in by March 15, 2023.

The paper can be in any of the conference languages (i.e. Kurdish, German, English, Spanish, Italian)

Below are the sessions of the fourth conference:

Challenging Capitalist Modernity IV:
We Want Our World Back—Do Autonomous Education and Organize

Day 1 and part of Day 2: Capitalist Modernity – The Multicide Regime
Session I— Ecocide

Call for papers for session I: “Bookchin and Beyond”
Murray Bookchin’s writing on social ecology was a major inspiration for Abdullah Öcalan’s “Beyond State, Power, and Violence”. How do the two thinkers relate to each other in terms of ecology? What are their main differences?

Session II—Societycide, Feminicide, and Epistemicide

Call for papers for session II: “Capitalism since Sumerian Times?”:
Abdullah Öcalan dates capitalism back to the Sumerians arguing that it is not only an economic system but also a mode of governance. How can this thought be substantiated and how does it contribute to the discussions of the origin and spread of capitalism and its colonial nature?

Part of Day II: Resist, Reclaim and Rebuild
Session III—Resistance and Change begins in Art

Call for papers for session III: The role of arts/culture and media has been the most effective self-defense tool by exposing the lies of capitalist modernity and by inspiring people to dream of better worlds and building free life. How have the Kurdish freedom movement and others used this self-defense tool most effectively?

Session IV—Autonomous Education
Call for papers for session IV: Abdullah Öcalan states that “every revolutionary movement is essentially an education movement.” How are Abdullah Öcalan’s and the ideas of Paolo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” overlap? And, how does their approach compare to other revolutionary movements?

Day III: We want our world back – and here is how!
Session V—Organize to resist, reclaim and rebuild

Take a look at our Network for an Alternative Quest website and/or our youtube channel to find out more about our previous conferences.

Contact e-mail:

Network for an Alternative Quest: International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan–Peace in Kurdistan” • Cenî – Kurdish Women’s Office for Peace • YXK – Association of Students from Kurdistan • Kurdistan Report • ISKU – Informationsstelle Kurdistan e.V. • Civaka Azad – Kurdish Center for Public Relations • KURD-AKAD Network of Kurdish Academics • Jineolojî Center • Academy of Democratic Modernity

January 17, 2023

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