Ecology – The Rebellion of the Environment (brochure)

A brochure by the Academy of Democratic Modernity, entitled: “Ecology: The Rebellion of the Environment”. It is a compilation of the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan about ecological problems and needed solutions.

Presenting the booklet, the Academy said: “Alongside radical democracy and women’s liberation, ecology is also a central pillar in the paradigm of democratic modernity. Against the backdrop of the ever-advancing climate catastrophe and the necessary discussion about a proper strategy for ecological movements worldwide, Öcalan’s ideas summarised in this brochure take on a special significance. While aggressive capitalism is confronting the environment in many parts of the world – such as the targeted ecocide in Kurdistan or neo-extractivism in Latin America – Öcalan’s proposals and the visible attempt to implement them in Kurdistan may be the right recipe for a world plagued by environmental destruction.”

The introduction added: “The relationship between society and nature is an area that social science is increasingly focusing on. Even though it is obvious that the environment has an influence on society, this fact has only recently become a topic of scientific research and philosophy. This interest was triggered by the recognition of the catastrophic extent to which the social system affects the environment. When we search for the source of this problem, we encounter the dominant social system, which is dangerously at odds with nature. It is becoming increasingly scientifically clear that alienation from the natural environment is the source of thousands of years of conflict within society. The more conflicts and wars within society have arisen, the more society’s contradiction with nature has increased. Today’s watchword is the subordination and enslavement of nature and the ruthless appropriation and exploitation of its resources.”

Download the brochure as PDF or read here:

June 13, 2024

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