Yavor Tarinski

Yavor Tarinski is an author, political activist, and independent researcher from Sofia, Bulgaria, who currently resides in Athens, Greece. He is the co-founder of the Greek libertarian journal Aftoleksi, a member of the Administrative Board of the Transnational Institute of Social Ecology and a bibliographer at Agora International. He has written extensively on direct democracy, commons and the right to the city. His books have been published in over three languages and include:

Direct Democracy: Context, Society, Individuality, Durty Books 2019

Short Introduction to the Political Legacy of Castoriadis, Aftoleksi 2020

Common Futures: Social Transformation and Political Ecology [co-authored with Alexandros Schismenos], Black Rose Books 2021

Enlightenment and Ecology: The Legacy of Murray Bookchin in the 21st Century, edited by Yavor Tarinski, Black Rose Books 2021

Concepts for a Democratic and Ecological Society, Zer0 Books 2022

His personal blog is: towardsautonomyblog