Josep (Pep) Puig I Boix

PhD engineer. Consultant on energy, ecology and sustainability.

Graduated (1972), doctorated (1982) at the UPC Barcelona. Master’s in biomedical (1973) and environmental (1979) engineering.

Working on the development and application of renewable energy since 1981 at the university, private companies and local politics.

Co-founder in 1981 of Ecotècnia S. Coop., a Barcelona pioneering wind energy worker’s cooperative. As a co-founder of Ecotècnia he has been recipient of the Poul laCour Award at the 2001 European Conference on Wind Energy.

1st. Green Councillor at Barcelona City Council. Elected in May 1995, serving as Sustainable City Councillor until 1999, leading the process to adopt the Barcelona Local Agenda21 and the Barcelona Solar Ordinance, that later became Spanish Law.

Co-founder (1992) of Ecoserveis, a non-profit NGO devoted to consultancy, research and education on energy and environment.

Active member in energy and environmental NGOs: Alternativa Verda, Earth Day Catalonia, Group of Scientists and Engineers for a Non Nuclear Future – GCTPFNN. Vice-president of EUROSOLAR – European Association for Renewable Energy.

Currently leading the project ‘Living from the air of Sky’ (the first citizen’s owned wind generator in Catalonia and Spain).

Author of many books, papers and articles on energy, technology, society and environment.

Main current interest:

  • Energy revolution (EnergETHIC Democracy)
  • Political ecology
  • Ecological gardening and permaculture
  • Reading and teaching

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