TRISE’s social space in Athens


One of TRISE’s projects is a open social space in the heart of Athens, Greece. Located near Syntagma Square (31 Kolokotronis Street), it is an entirely self-organized place that we co-manage with Greek libertarian collective Aftenergia.

In the space we operate a library with selected works (both in Greek and English) on political theory concerning collective resistances, autonomy, social ecology and direct democracy. The place also houses the offices of Greek libertarian publisher/journal Aftoleksi.

Within it regularly are being organized public events, workshops, reading groups, movie screenings, etc., while in the summer all activities are moved to the rooftop terrace.

The space remains open and is addressed to all those interested in practically engaging in the struggle for individual and collective emancipation and freedom, against all forms of hierarchy and discrimination (sexism, nationalism, aegism, etc.).

In the centre of a metropolis, which is under attack by an agressive touristification, we seek to contribute to the creation of public spaces, in the political sense of the term, where people can participate not as clients-customers but as active citizens of their city.

For the right to the city and the unmediated-direct-democratic participation in EVERYTHING that concerns us!

→ If you find yourself in Athens and want to get in touch, email us at:

November 8, 2022

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