They want to kill VIO.ME. Don’t let them!

Announcemen by the recuperated self-managed VIO.ME factory in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Today we are in the unfortunate position to inform you that VIO.ME is in more danger than ever. The judiciary and capital have quietly sold off the land on which the plant is located to a fund.

We, the workers of VIO.ME, declare that we will continue to produce in the factory, even if capital and the state send us riot police. But even if they do, we will come back. Because this place is our life and because we owe it to you. We owe it to the tens of thousands of people we’ve been with over the years. For coming to the factory, for honoring our work by acquiring the products of our labors. For shouting with us at the demonstrations. For singing along at a concert in the occupied factory. For standing shoulder to shoulder against the police.

The only factory in Greece that operates without bosses, the only factory where everyone is paid the same, the only factory liberated from the capitalists and given back to society, is in danger. And the only one who can help is you.

In these 10 years we’ve taken on gods and demons. We have been attacked by riot police, cut off by utility contractors, hammered by the judiciary. But we resisted and we endured. We will do the same now.

But no matter how steadfast our will, that is not our real strength. Our real power is you reading these words

We have little time left to block them. And we will. Every action counts. Every discussion about VIO.ME, every poster, every slogan on a wall, every motorcade, every solidarity concert, every small and big gathering all over Greece. Every intervention in the media. Every union resolution and every signature. And all these like streams to lead to a big river of people demonstrating in the streets.

The laws of capital are all-powerful. But the law of the angry people can break them.

A documentary about VIO.ME


February 3, 2023


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